School Update #5

School Update #5

Greetings Calvary Elementary Families,

With only six weeks until school begins, we are now getting to the nuts and bolts of our school’s inaugural year.  It’s getting very exciting.

We are pleased to announce we have chosen our curriculum.

After a thorough review, here’s what Calvary Elementary school will be building our Paideia program upon:


Phonics: Veritas Phonics Museum as supplementVeritas Press

Language Arts:  Purposeful Design (ACSI)

Math: Purposeful Design (ACSI)

Science: Purposeful Design (ACSI)

History:  Well Trained Mind

Spanish:  Purposeful Design (ACSI)

Art:  Language of Art and How to Teach Art to Children

 We chose Purposeful Design (ACSI) as our main curriculum based upon their researched-based integration, assessable student supplements, STEM integration, colorful design, and correlation to several standardized testing outlets.  For history, we chose The Well Trained Mind for its Christian, classical, and chronological emphasis, and How to Teach Art to Children for its foundational focus (line, color, shape, etc.).

For a sneak peek at some the Purposeful Design textbooks, click the links below:

Grade 1
Grade 2

As mentioned on our website, Calvary Elementary follows a Paideia model of education.  We do so for four reasons.  One, it is a Biblical framework modeled by Jesus (see Luke 2).  Two, it is challenging and helps students flourish.  Three, it’s integrative and fun.   Four, it works well with both traditional (M-F) and hybrid (M,W,F) students.

As our website states, Paideia takes a three-tiered approach towards teaching: didactic, coaching, and Socratic seminar:

    • Didactic: Acquisition of knowledge, focusing on fundament subjects
    • Coaching: Development of knowledge via practice, integrated arts, problem solving, and interactive learning.
    • Socratic Seminar: Enlarged understanding of knowledge via listening, questions, and group discussion.

All students (both traditional and hybrid) will be exposed to elements of all three teaching strategies integrated within a school’s day, but most of the coaching and Socratic dialogue will occur on Tuesday and Thursday’s.

To give you an idea of integrative Paideia at work on Tuesday and Thursday, think of this:

  • Students will use percussion instruments to strengthen counting and the alphabet—in addition to musical concepts.
  • Students will use art to learn color, numbers, spelling, and expression—in addition to the joy of creating.
  • Students will integrate math in physical education, helping stimulate the brain and body.
  • Students will use Socratic seminars to discuss, explain, and summarize what they’ve learned.

And this is just a taste of what coaching and Socratic seminars will entail.

As mentioned, most of the coaching will take place on Tuesday and Thursday, but, as time permits, teachers will incorporate some integrative coaching on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s, though M,W,F will focus on didactic teaching, presenting new information.

I sure hope you’re as excited as we are.


Brian and Bernadette

P.S. We’ve yet to meet our required student ratio for upper elementary.  And though we have not given up hope entirely, chances are we’ll be looking at a K-2 kickoff for the 2021-2022school year.

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