School Update #4

School Update #4

Dear Calvary Elementary School Families,

I’m pleased to announce that our new principal, Bernadette Shanaberger, has arrived!  We spent the day pouring over various facets of the school.  As you can imagine, she hit the ground running.

As the weeks progress, we’ll give you more updates to keep you posted on the day-to-day development of the school.

Here’s a few to know:

  • Our first tuition payment will be due August 1st.  We’re giving you (and the school) as much time to prepare before students arrive on campus the following week.
    • Payments can made when the tuition link is available via Tuition Express/Pro Care.
    • 10-month or full-year payment is available.
    • Please contact Phil Buckles for questions:  By the way, Phil has been a huge blessing to the school the past few weeks.
  • Open House will be on the same day as the preschool open house, allowing families with children in both schools to hit two cans with one stone.  The date is August 9th.
  • First day of school is August 12th.  Hybrid students will begin on August 13th.
  • You’ll soon see a freeway billboard advertising all three schools at Calvary Church (Preschool, Elementary, and College). Please be in prayer for our school outreach this summer.
  • As mentioned in my last update email, our website is live.  You can get information about the school here:
  • Our new Facebook page is live, but no information has been posted.  You can locate the page here:
  • To contact Bernadette, please do so my email for now.  Her email is
  • Our tasks this week are to go over teacher applications, curriculum, and other time-sensitive undertakings.  Please keep us in your prayers.

Brian Nixon, D.Phil and Bernadette Shanaberger, M.A.

Calvary Church

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