School Update #3

School Update #3

Greeting Calvary Elementary School Families,

I pray this email finds you well.

Four Updates

One, with our new principal hired (discussed in the last email), we are now in the process of choosing curriculum and fine-tuning our classroom space.  Construction has not commenced, but we are working on ordering office and classroom furniture soon.

Here’s a couple of set items:

  • School office will be in the HUB (currently the Service Support offices) located in the southwest corner of the building.
  • Classrooms (K-2) will be on the bottom floor of the HUB.

Two, we are fine-tuning our curricular choices.  As it stands, we are looking into an assortment of curricular options:  BJU Press, Purposeful Design (ACSI), and others.  As with most schools, we’ll probably have dashes of a few, but with an emphasis upon one curriculum for our core classes.  All curricula will be from a Christian perspective.

Three, as stated in my last email update, our new principal, Bernadette Shanaberger, will begin on Monday, June 21st.  Once she is settled, we’ll begin the task of hiring qualified teachers and support staff.  Please keep us in your prayers.  It’ll be a quick process, but we already have some great applicants.

Four, and finally, I’ll be out of town next week on a short family vacation.  Unless Bernadette elects to reach out with a quick update, chances are you’ll not receive an update next week.  Please note that we are moving forward and covet your prayers for the aforementioned items.

A Christian-paideia (whole child) form of education is an exciting endeavor, one that will bless and encourage your child.  I can honestly say I’m enthusiastic about the forthcoming year, even with a mad dash to the finish.

As a quick reminder of our school philosophy (Christ-based Paideia), I leave you with some thoughts, asking what is a Christian Paideia form of education?


Historically, the idea of a holistic education was defined with the word paideia, the enculturation of a person—body, mind, and soul—within a society.  Paideia is a Greek word meaning training orinstruction. The Apostle Paul used the word in relationship to children, stating, “Bring children up in the training and instruction of the Lord.” Paul understood paideia as a full-orbed instruction, encompassing all aspects of life, from the mental to the social and spiritual makeup of each human. And before Paul, various cultures integrated diverse types of holistic training, ensuring the entire person was educated—body, mind, soul, and social education.  Simply stated, paideia recommends that the whole person—from head to heel, face to foot—should cultivate their full potential as human beings.

Furthermore, Paideia instructs students within a Biblical framework by fostering a Christian outlook: looking at how our lives influence the world (see Matthew 5: 13-16). Beneath this idea of paideia-based education sits the reason why we educate; to be truly human in our specific makeup, Christ-like in character and conduct, conformed into the image of Christ, recipients, and reciprocals of His grace.

In the end, paideia education is discovering what it means to be humans passionately pursing Christ. We do this through educating the entire person, mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially.  Jesus learned holistically (see Luke 2:40-52), and the Apostle Paul implied holistic education (see Ephesians 6: 1-3). Hence why we are passionate about the pedagogy!

In future updates I’ll expand on what makes Christian paideia education unique, fun, and exciting!

Until then, blessing to you all.  Thanks for entrusting your precious children to our care.

Brian Nixon and Bernadette Shanaberger

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