School Update #2

School Update #2

Dear Calvary Elementary Families,

I’m pleased to announce we hired our school principal.

Bernadette Shanaberger is an experienced educator of both public and Christian schools.  Having served at Calvary Christian Academy school as teacher and principal and principal of Mission Viejo Christian Academy (both in Santa Fe), in addition to several other leadership roles (including Director of EE Education at Santa Fe Community College), Bernadette is a seasoned professional.

Here’s what one family said of their time at Santa Fe Christian Academy under Mrs. Shanaberger’s leadership: “Santa Fe Christian Academy is an amazing school with a great curriculum, outstanding teachers, an amazing music program, art, and P.E. programs and a loving community that helps our children thrive! We cannot say enough good things about this school! We love the events that the Parent/Teacher Support group host. … And when people hear our 2nd and 4th Graders read, they are blown away; and their test scores compared to the national percentiles are way above average!!!”[1]

With an MA from the University of New Mexico and over 30 years of educational ministry, we are thrilled Bernadette is joining our team here in Albuquerque.  Furthermore, Mrs. Shanaberger has attended Calvary for roughly 30 years.  This is important to us.  She knows our culture, our people, and loves our church.

With our new principal ready to serve our families, we are excited to begin the process of hiring teachers, preparing the school campus, order curriculum, and getting ready for the start of the schoolyear. Together, we yearn that your children will be the best loved and best taught in Albuquerque. As our vision for the school states, we desire to minister to the whole child—mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially (Luke 2:52), bringing the paideia of a Christ-based education to each student’s life.[2]

Bernadette will begin office hours on Monday, June 21st.

But before I sign off, I’ll let Bernadette chime in with a few of her thoughts.

Dear Calvary Parents,

I am very excited, honored, and humbled to be a part of your child’s academic progress and spiritual development in the coming school year. I know the Lord has great plans for Calvary School and will work specifically in the lives of every child.

Thank you ahead of time for entrusting me with your most precious gift.

I look forward to meeting your family in the near future.

In Christ,

Bernadette Shanaberger

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