Calvary Church Preschool and Calvary Church Elementary are closed today.

Where children learn to passionately pursue Christ.

Calvary Elementary School will Close after Spring 2023 Semester 

Calvary Elementary

At Calvary Elementary School our goal is simple: we yearn to educate the whole student within a Christian context of intellectual, physical, spiritual, and social development (Luke 2:52). As an extension of Calvary Church Albuquerque, we exist to help students cultivate a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, to discover and encourage their gifts, and to inspire each student to realize his or her full potential in serving God in spirit and truth. In short, we desire the best loved and best taught students in the Albuquerque region.

2022 – 2023 School Year Plans

Letter to Families

Download the letter that Calvary Elementary sent to parents who fill out an application for their student.

Parent Handbook

Download the Parent handbook to get all the details you need on Calvary Elementary.

Tuition Contract

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2022-2023 Calendar

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Calvary Elementary Virtual Open House

Get to know Calvary Elementary with Principal Bernadette Shanaberger.


We endeavor to have a very clean and exciting environment that stimulates learning. 

Skip Heitzig

Dear Friend,


On behalf of our family at Calvary Church, I want to welcome you to Calvary Elementary School.


The goal of Calvary Elementary School is to make disciples of Jesus Christ through a biblical environment that prepares students to glorify God spiritually, physically, academically, and socially. Our supreme desire is that our students will learn to value the mandate to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength” (Mark 12:30).


God has clearly identified parents as the primary educators of their children. You are their first line of defense and instruction. But we would love to come alongside families and help them develop godly character in their children by providing quality Christian education. We recognize that this partnership calls for the like-mindedness of all involved in the education process, so that each student’s academic and spiritual development may reach maturity. We value the trust you place in us as we pursue our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ, and we look forward to co-laboring with you in this venture.


For the glory of God,

Skip Heitzig, Senior Pastor

Member Affliation

Calvary Elementary is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). We are also a proud member of Calvary Chapel Education Association.

Our Philosophy

Calvary Church Elementary School’s academic pedagogy (teaching path) is best understood with the word paideia. The Apostle Paul uses the word in relationship to children, stating, “Bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord” (see Ephesians 5). The Greek word used for “training” is paideia. In a similar manner, Jesus modeled a whole-person approach to education.  In Luke 2: 52, the text tells us that Jesus grew in wisdom (mentally), stature (physically), favor with God (spiritually), and favor with man (socially).  This wholistic approach towards education is at the heart of a paideia framework. Paideia is a full-orbed instruction, encompassing all aspects of life via three foundational teaching tactics:  didactic, coaching, and Socratic seminars. Our unique approach to education is fun, challenging, and will help the students flourish.

What makes Christian Paideia unique?

  • Our staff takes a three-tiered approach towards teaching: didactic, coaching, and Socratic seminar:
    • Didactic: Acquisition of knowledge, fundament subjects
    • Coaching: Development of knowledge via practice, integrated arts, problem solving, and interactive learning.
    • Socratic Seminar: Enlarged understanding of knowledge via listening, questions, and group discussion.
  • We place a strong emphasis on whole-child education, helping students live up to his or her potential
  • Emphasis on fundamental curricular comprehension
  • Active learning, valuing higher order thinking, not just facts
  • Introduces students to the arts, music, and the humanities
  • Teaches a Biblical view of humanity, what it means to be made in God’s image
  • Comprehensive history, from creation to Christ’s coming
  • Introduction of foreign language in early grades (Spanish)
  • Music and visual art introduction
  • Active learning, fostering students to think, discuss, and act in ways that will help them flourish.

Developing the Textual Community Alongside the Integration of Convergence Culture and Media by Skip Heitzig – Discover the Biblical base for textual community in this dissertation by Skip Heitzig.

Pastor Chuck Smith encourages a Christ-centered education, comparing and contrasting the prevalent mindset of government schools with a Christ-based education. He offers encouragement, analyses, and insight to the goal of Christian education; drawing the conclusion that education is to be both academic as well as Christ-based.

The Master Teacher by Brian C. Nixon – Written as a primer for Christian schools, Sunday schools, and church-sponsored education groups, The Master Teacher discusses the Biblical base for developing a philosophy of education. Focusing on the foundation, framework, and fruit of a Christ-based model.

KLYT radio interviews Brian Nixon about the unique paideia form of education implemented at Calvary Church schools.

Radio Interview – Day 1

Radio Interview – Day 2

Communitatis Textual

In Pastor Skip’s dissertation, he likens Calvary Church to a “textual community” (Latin:  Communitatis Textual).  A textual community is a gathering of people surrounding a text, a “community whose life, thought, sense of identity and relations with outsiders are organized around an authoritative text.” It is a term that helps explain the role texts, particularly the Bible, influenced culture.  At Calvary Elementary, we are a community of learners surrounding the Bible, using it as our foundation and framework for all curricular and educational structures.

Educational Values

Using the two Christ-based Biblical texts as our foundation (how Jesus grew, Luke 2:52; and the heart of what Jesus taught, Matthew 22:37), our educational values act as our foundational framework for our school’s curriculum and life.

Wisdom: “With All Our Mind,” Academically

Calvary Church Elementary School yearns to foster an intellectual atmosphere where all students are prepared in all academic settings, covering a broad field of knowledge. As mentioned above, our educational pedagogy follows a paideia framework. The objective of specifically selected curriculum is to equip students with strong skills of analysis, expression, comprehension and critical thinking that will ultimately prepare them for every opportunity the Lord has purposed for their lives. Our methodology features traditional, well-balanced curricular emphasis focusing on time-proven educational blocks. All subjects are presented cumulatively, with each lesson building upon previously acquired knowledge and understanding. Memorization, drills, repetition and comprehension are emphasized in the lower grades. Critical thinking, application and analysis are stressed during the upper grades. Communication, synthesis and evaluation are interwoven throughout each grade level via our Socratic seminars, culminating in a well-rounded, creative approach towards education.

Stature: “With All Our Strength,” Physically

Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians 6:20 that we were “bought at a price; therefore, glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” We strive to inspire each member of our student body to live a healthy life and care for their bodies as holy temples of the Lord that are equipped to carry out the good news of the gospel. Therefore, through the promotion of regular physical activity, organized sports, health awareness, purity of body and good sportsmanship, a healthy balance between mind and body is achieved for the glory of the Lord.

Favor With God: “With All Our Heart,” Spiritually

Glorifying God is the end result of the Christian life. In the end, our spiritual life is essential to our educational framework. We realize humans have been created with a spiritual need to know God and to have a personal relationship with Him through His Son Jesus Christ. We believe the spiritual elements of our life and learning are the most fundamental. As a result, we place top priority on the scriptures as our source of truth. We believe the scriptures, without error in the original writings, are the divine and final authority for all Christian life and faith. Thus, at the core of our academic program is a daily incorporation of the nature of God and study of the scriptures as they relate to each subject studied. The results will provide each student a deeper appreciation of their relationship with God and help form a worldview that has at its foundation the heart and teachings of Jesus.

Favor With Man: “With All Our Soul,” Socially

Here Jesus uses the Greek word “psuche” for “soul,” referring to the essence of who we really are as humans. The Bible says when God created Adam He breathed into Him the breath of life and Adam became a living soul. Housed within our soul is the essence of who we really are, as well as the determining factors of how we relate socially to one another and to God. Thus, at Calvary Church Elementary School we seek to instill and promote harmonious interrelationships between one another; to value and treat others with integrity and respect as God desires, and to learn our civic responsibilities as citizens of a country and world. Our soul contains our deepest desires, fears, affections, and feelings, all of which create our social interaction with God and each other, and the responsibility through which to lovingly honor Him in our daily conduct and relationships.

Outcome: “We Are to Love Our Neighbor As Ourselves,” Service and Citizens

As a result of a Calvary Church Elementary School’s education, students will have an active awareness of the school community that surrounds them and the biblical mandate of putting the interests of others ahead of our own. Students will understand that everyone has different backgrounds, abilities and attributes. Due to these differences, students will be encouraged to practice kindness, humility and mercy with others. In order to ensure the vibrant community of which the students belong, it is required of them to get along with one another, with an awareness of the ramifications when community standards of service are not respected. Ultimately this daily commitment towards loving each other overflows beyond the campus and becomes the application of our education in the world, preparing our students as citizens of God’s kingdom and productive citizens in the world.

Parent Handbook

We know you have a lot of questions and want to ensure that Calvary Church Elementary is where you should send your child. We want to give you all the information. That is why we are making the parent’s handbook available for you download.
Download Now

The Curriculum

At Calvary Church Elementary, we have strategically chosen our curriculum to accomplish our educational goals of fostering a whole-child approach embodying our four pillars of education: wisdom, stature, favor with God, and favor with man within a paideia context (didactic, coaching, and Socratic dialogue).


We accomplish this with the understanding that children are uniquely created by God and mature and develop at different rates. Our program is unique in that it provides a solid academic foundation that is teacher-directed with a hands-on learning approach that engages students in a fun, challenging, and interactive environment.

The Schedule

Calvary Church Elementary School follows a traditional academic calendar year, August-May. We make every effort to follow the APS school year calendar. Our school year session has a fall semester and a spring semester. There is no class on Labor Day, fall break, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, spring break, and Good Friday. You will be notified if another day off is necessary, i.e. for elections or a professional development day for the teachers and director.


Parent/teacher conferences are held in the fall and spring. There is no school on these days. Please refer to the school calendar (issued with the registration packet) for dates.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 8:00-4:00


School is in session from 8:30-3:00

Weekly Schedule











Language Arts

Language Arts


Language Arts

Language Arts



Language Arts






















*All arts related classes integrate in teh flow of our curriculum

School Celebrations

Calvary Church Elementary holds multiple special events throughout the year. On special event days there will be no after-school program. Tuition rates will reflect the missed days; you will not be charged. Please refer to the school year calendar for all special event dates, including:



Open House/Meet-the-Teacher Day
Fall Carnival
Thanksgiving Pie Social
Pajama & Movie Day
Christmas Program

Valentine’s Day
Easter Celebration
Mother’s Day Tea Party
Day with Dad

Tuition Information

Registration fee: $100
Curriculum fee: $100

Yearly tuition: 

Fulltime (M-F): $7,000. (10-month payment schedule:  $700 per month).

Multiple child discount will be available at year two.

It’s an investment

As parents, we know these years are precious and few. Our goal is to provide a learning environment and curriculum that allows your child to grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and socially. We want to foster each child’s ability to establish healthy relationships, to find joy and satisfaction in creative work and learning, to respect themselves and others, and to build a greater awareness of God as their Creator.

Apply Online

Enrollment Procedures


We ask that you carefully read and review the parent handbook. By becoming informed, you will be able to decide if Calvary Elementary is the right fit for your child.


Once you have decided that Calvary Elementary would be a great place for your child, fill out the online application.


You will be contacted by email within 5 days of applying. If you are selected as a candidate for admission the email will contain a link to finish the online registration process. If it was determined that the elementary is not a good fit for your family the email inform you.

Parent/Guardian Meeting With Elementary Leadership

Once your registration is complete, you will be contacted and an admissions meeting will be scheduled. This meeting is an opportunity for the elementary director to become familiar with the student and meet each family individually. Approval for school enrollment will be decided at this time.


After the completion of the above steps, your child will become an official Calvary Elementary student. The registration and supply fees are due at this time.

We are committed

Our teachers and staff are committed to our students and their needs. Together, we will work hand in hand to make their early education years a positive and memorable experience. We understand that each child is a unique creation and will grow and develop at their own pace. It is our privilege to help each student reach their full potential while at Calvary Elementary.

Calvary Church

We are a fellowship of believers who pursue the God who is passionately pursuing a lost world; we do this by connecting with one another, through worship, by the Word, to the world.

Our Mission

Connect Up

We express our adoration of Jesus through dynamic worship and uncompromised obedience.

Connect In

We explain the relevance of the Bible to empower and transform lives for service.

Connect Out

We extend hope to a hurting world by proclaiming the gospel and demonstrating Christ’s love.

Created Equally

All children were created by God for a unique purpose. Providing an excellent environment in which godly teachers co-labor with parents in the discipleship of their children will equip our students with the academic, physical, social, and spiritual tools necessary to accomplish the plan God has for their lives. We are honored to work alongside each and every one of you toward this end.


Calvary Elementary staff strives to glorify God by providing an orderly, nurturing, and stimulating atmosphere for development as children begin to explore the world around them.

Skip Heitzig, D.Min, D. Phil

Skip Heitzig is the president and CEO of Calvary Elementary.

Brian Nixon, M.A, D. Phil.

Brian Nixon is the director of education and publishing at Calvary Church.

Bernadette Shanaberger

Bernadette Shanaberger is the Principal at Calvary Elementary.

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      Office Hours:

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